Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen - Ann Arbor e.V.
Friends of the City Partnership Ann Arbor - Tübingen e.V.

Meet My Sister

Tübingen in Germany and Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA became Sister Cities, or partner cities, in 1965. The Verein Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen – Ann Arbor  (Association Friends of the City Partnership Tübingen – Ann Arbor) was founded in Tübingen in 2005, while celebrating the 40th anniversary of the partnership. The goal of the association was to strengthen the partnership through renewed interest and activity and the development of exchanges with specific topics. After ten years and many exchanges, the city of Tübingen, the German-American Institute, and the Association Friends of the City Partnership Tübingen – Ann Arbor joined forces to produce a memorable 50th year anniversary celebration in 2015.  There was a citizens trip to Ann Arbor and a citizens trip to Tübingen. There were many events planned for Tübingen guests in Ann Arbor and a whirlwind of events planned for Ann Arbor guests in Tübingen. The association created a wonderful exhibition shown in the Kulturhalle of Tübingen – MEET MY SISTER - , and the city of Tübingen and the German-American Institute brought about a magnificent 4th of July party on the island in the Neckar. And, of course, guests to both cities were hosted in the homes of their hosts! So many new and renewed friendships! Take a look at the film created for the anniversary year, interviews on both sides of the Atlantic. And take a look at the wall banners, which were part of the exhibition. They capture so much of the history and the involvement of the ‘sister cities’.