Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen - Ann Arbor e.V.
Friends of the City Partnership Ann Arbor - Tübingen e.V.


The film MEET MY SISTER is a 40-minute film created from the five films for the exhibition MEET MY SISTER, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the city partnership Tübingen – Ann Arbor. The film is in English, the German interviews are subtitled in English. Meet the many persons from Tübingen and Ann Arbor relating their experiences with their ‘sister city’. Constantin Pläcking of NeckarFILM filmed the interviews in Tübingen, Melissa Bondy from the Community Television Network (CTN) filmed the interviews in Ann Arbor. Carolyn Melchers, an American who came from Ann Arbor and has lived many years in Tübingen, leads you through the filmed interviews.