Freunde der Städtepartnerschaft Tübingen - Ann Arbor e.V.
Friends of the City Partnership Ann Arbor - Tübingen e.V.

Guests from Ann Arbor in Tübingen in 2023

During the second week of July, a delegation including Mayor Christopher Taylor and several other city officials paid an official visit to Tübingen.

The two cities share the same goal „Climate neutrality by 2030“. Therefore, meetings and discussions were focused on transportation, housing, energy, and urban planning. Representatives of the city administration as well as local energy provider and transportation businesses met with the delegation.

On their first day, the guests from Ann Arbor were welcomed by Tübingen mayor Boris Palmer as well as by members of the sister city association.

Reception at City Hall Tübingen; Stadt Tübingen

The program was full of visits, meetings and a lot of discussion. However, the US delegation was also part of the d.a.i. summer reception held at the Bebenhausen monastery, where mayor Christopher Taylor was among the official speakers. As usual, the sister city association hosted a booth for information on the city partnership.

Reception at Bebenhausen monastery

On Thursday, it was finally time for more informal activities: members of the association took the American guests to visit a nearby castle, Schloss Lichtenstein, were we all experienced a highly entertaining tour in English. A joint dinner with additional German and American friends at a typical regional estate just out of Tübingen concluded this enjoyable day.

Visit to Lichteinstein castle